PAMM Account

Zenfinex PAMM Account Service combines the best of both worlds – when the trading comprehension and expertise of a Professional Investment Manager are backed by the sizeable fund pooled by investors.

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The Zenfinex PAMM account is a uniquely crafted solution for both investors and managers who wish to benefit from the financial market but encounter their own difficulties.

This specialized product helps reduce the burden for the Investors by allowing them to benefit by a Manager’s trading strategies instead of trading by themselves. Meanwhile, the PAMM Managers can pool sizeable fund from many Investors and get to trade with a bigger capital. They will also earn the fees or a portion of the profits made with these pooled fund as a reward for their performance.

PAMM accounts aim for a transparent and satisfying distribution of profits (or losses) of the pooled fund on a proportional basis, validated by a pre-signed agreement between the participants.


Zenfinex exceptional service is reaffirmed with our client-oriented PAMM account offer

Flexible Fees and Commissions

Fee, bonus and commission agreements built by you based on conditions of transparency, consensus and satisfaction from the outset.

Admission to Account Performance

Investors can always access to view the Fund Account statements online at the Zenfinex website.


You can have peace of mind when trading with Zenfinex as your money is kept securely segregated at Tier One banks and audited annually.


Payments can be made automatically and accurately upon valid authorization and designation to Zenfinex.

Competitive Pricing & Spreads

The pooled Fund will be traded on Zenfinex low commission structure and tight spreads.

Control Over Investment Choices

For PAMM Account Managers, you will still trade with your strategy but with more capital resources.


Clients who open real trading accounts with Zenfinex can register to use the PAMM Account service.

No. The Manager is solely chosen by the Investor (i.e., The Client) and is not a member of the Zenfinex team. Zenfinex does not offer any recommendations or endorsements.

ZENFINEX does not require a PAMM account application fee. The fees, however, is agreed upon by the Investor and the Manager alone.

Clients can access their account statements online at the Zenfinex website using the login information provided by Zenfinex, upon the Investor’s request.

The termination of the Investor’s relationship with his Manager is at Investor’s sole discretion and is not affected by the Manager or Zenfinex. Whenever Investor has a need, please contact [email protected] for step-by-step instructions.